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Increasing The Stakes: Creating and Selling Your Valuation Story in Changing Times


Immune therapies and obesity treatments are getting lots of attention, and many pundits would tell you platform strategies and gene therapies have fallen out of favor. And while the Biotech Index has rebounded almost 50% from its October 2023 low, many companies are still struggling to fundraise. Our outstanding group of panelists will help distill myth from reality as they discuss how they convey their valuation story, and how they have drawn on their commercial launch experience to successfully raise capital through changing cycles and changing times. 

Date: Wednesday, May 15th, 2024   

Time: 11:00AM-12:15PM (ET), including Q&A


Ted Haack, Vice President, LatticePoint Consulting

Andrea Sotak, Founder & CEO, Foray Healthcare Advisors


Rachelle Jacques, Former CEO, Akari Therapeutics

Nicolas Koebel, CEO, EpilepsyGTx

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